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Studie QUALICOPC – porovnání rozvoje primární péče v 31 evropských zemích.

Seifert, B., Šrámková, N, Král, N., Schäfer, W., Boerma, W., Groenewegen, P. Studie QUALICOPC – porovnání rozvoje primární péče v 31 evropských zemích. Praktický Lékař: 2012, 92(4), p. 235-237.
The QUALICOPC (Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe) study was initiated in 2010. The aim of this study is to evaluate quality, costs and equity of primary care in 31 European countries. The researchers of this study are trying to determine what the benefits of primary care are and what effect the strength of a primary care system has on the performance of health care systems. The study is funded by the European Commission under the so-called “Seventh Framework Programme” and is coordinated by NIVEL, The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research. In this article the background and design of the QUALICOPC study is described. The data collection is being carried out at three levels: the health care system, the GP practice and the level of the patient. Information at the practice- and patient level is being collected through surveys among GPs and their patients. In each country the aim is to garner the response of 220 GPs from a representative sample and to address 2200 patients. The study in the Czech Republic is coordinated by The Institute of General Practice, the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in co-operation with the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyne. (aut. ref.)