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When patients take the initiative to audio-record a clinical consultation.

Bruinessen, I.R. van, Leegwater, B., Dulmen, S. van. When patients take the initiative to audio-record a clinical consultation. Patient Education and Counseling: 2017, 100(8), p. 1552-1557.
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to get insight into healthcare professionals’ current experience with, and views on consultation audio-recordings made on patients’ initiative.

215 Dutch healthcare professionals (123 physicians and 92 nurses) working in oncology care completed a survey inquiring their experiences and views.

71% of the respondents had experience with the consultation audio-recordings. Healthcare professionals who are in favour of the use of audio-recordings seem to embrace the evidence-based benefits for patients of listing back to a consultation again, and mention the positive influence on their patients. Opposing arguments relate to the belief that is confusing for patients or that it increases the chance that information is misinterpreted. Also the lack of control they have over the recording (fear for misuse), uncertainty about the medico-legal status, inhibiting influence on the communication process and feeling of distrust was mentioned. For almost one quarter of respondents these arguments and concerns were reason enough not to cooperate at all (9%), to cooperate only in certain cases (4%) or led to doubts about cooperation (9%).

Practice implications
the many concerns that exist among healthcare professionals need to be tackled in order to increase transparency, as audio-recordings are expected to be used increasingly. (aut. ref.)