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Commercial chains in general practice.

Groenewegen, P., Timans, R. Commercial chains in general practice. Utrecht: Nivel, 2023. 8 p.
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This report was written as country contribution on the Netherlands for a ‘rapid response report’, drafted by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies on corporate investment in primary and specialized outpatient care in Europe. The rapid response report was requested by the French national health insurance organisation CNAM.

Our contribution was written between 20 February and 2 March 2023. We have focused on chain organisations in general practice. In this short time it was impossible to do in-depth research and bring in the viewpoints of all actors involved. Our results show that there is no systematic information available; many important questions about the possible positive and negative consequences of chain formation in general practice are as yet unanswered. Given the importance of the phenomenon, systematic monitoring and research are recommended.