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Health literacy policies: European perspectives.

Heide, I. van der, Heijmans, M., Rademakers, J. Health literacy policies: European perspectives. In: Orkan, O., Bauer, U., Pinheiro, P., Zamir-Levin D., Pinheiro, P., Sorensen, K. International Handbook of Health Literacy; Research, practice and policy across the lifespan. Policy Press Bristol (UK). 2019 p. 403-418.
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Aim of this chapter
In this chapter we provide an insight into policies and actions that have been put in place in EU member states on a national and regional level during the past few years. The distinction between these levels was made based on the initiator of the policy/action as well as the implementation level of the policy/action: whether these were national or regional. Since the local initiatives are more widespread and usually not centrally coordinated within countries, and therefore not all initiatives might have been captured in the HEALIT4EU overview, we decided not to include them. However, when local authorities or policies are part of a bigger regional or national policy, they will be mentioned.