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In Memoriam: Dr William John Paget.

Velden, K. van der, Summeren, J. van, Caini, S., Nair, H., Dückers, M., Meijer, A. In Memoriam: Dr William John Paget. Journal of Infectious Diseases: 2023
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Dr William John Paget, a Senior Scientist at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (Nivel) and one of the principal investigators for PROMISE (Preparing for RSV Immunization and Surveillance in Europe), sadly and unexpectedly passed away on November 4, 2023. He was a connector always full of research ideas. In the many condolences memorizing John, the full breadth of his character and how he operated can be found: kind, always with a smile, competent, diplomatic, positive, curious, open-minded, collaborative, contagiously enthusiastic and passionate. This really reflects how many who worked with him recognize and remember John. Still, it is challenging to describe how his vibrant personality contributed to countless very successful projects on surveillance and research on infectious diseases, most of them in the context of European or Global Public Health themes.