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Elize Vis, MSc
Researcher (PhD candidate) Professions in Healthcare and Manpower Planning


Ideally, we in the Netherlands don't want to have to wait too long for care. Also we wish that our health professionals have had a high quality education after which they - quickly and happily - will start working in their profession. This requires that there are not too few, but also not too many healthcare professionals, and that their training fits in well with the practice in which they will be working.

As a researcher in the research program 'Labour and Organizational Issues in Healthcare', I am therefore concerned with questions such as: Do we have enough healthcare professionals in the Netherlands? Why does the pressure on the labor market for certain occupational groups differ per region? In retrospect, what do healthcare professionals think of the training they have followed? I mostly work on research that serves as input for capacity estimates (as a result of which intake recommendations for the relevant courses are given).

PhD candidate 'chronic illness and social capital': I am also working on my PhD research 'the chronically ill and social capital'. I am investigating to what extent people with a chronic illness have fewer social contacts than people without a chronic illness. I also look at the role that national and regional policy plays in this.

Contributing to the quality of healthcare through independent and thorough research gives me great satisfaction. I really like to focus on this from different perspectives.